I offer and facilitate unique, co-created, personal, and participatory ceremonies for namings, changings, joinings, and leavings. I also offer support for climate activists, and all who seek active hope to face our climate emergency. I am a OneSpirit Interfaith Minister, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and I look forward to working with you whatever your spiritual beliefs if any — or background.

I believe in the power of community and the earth to support and nourish us with love on our journeys through life. I aspire to follow the leadings of love and truth to joyful action in the world.

I would love to hear from you!

Chris was so supportive guiding us through creating a personal ceremony that reflected us and the wedding we wanted. He brought ideas for the ceremony and supported us writing our vows. On the day, he helped to create a perfect, relaxed, loving and inclusive ceremony.

– AM
Brian's homemade coffin

A DIY funeral for a peace activist

Last summer I had a call from my friend Brian, to ask if I would help to plan his funeral. He had been living with cancer for several years, but now no more treatment was possible, and he was facing death with his typical courage and resilience. Brian and I had first met in November … Read more
Pine tree

The title ‘reverend’…

The title ‘Reverend’ sits easily/reluctantly with me because… #MonthOfMinistry Day 16: When I and my Onespirit Interfaith Minister colleagues completed our training, we were ‘ordained’ (another odd word), and told that we were now entitled to use the title ‘Reverend’. I really found this quite problematic! Firstly, it’s a title mainly used by Christian clerics. … Read more
Quaker Meeting for Worship

What is your spiritual practice?

#MonthOfMinistry Day 10 There are quite a few different things that I’d consider to be “spiritual practice”. What does that even mean? For me it covers all those things that I do, with intention, to help me stop, rest in the present moment, connect with The first is Quaker Meeting for Worship, our equivalent, perhaps, … Read more

My personal motto is…

#MonthOfMinistry Day 13 Our supper is plain, but we are very wonderful. It’s a line from the poem 23rd Street Runs into Heaven by Kenneth Patchen, and it speaks to me of the joys that can be found in simplicity. (The photo is a rather fancy supper: the lovely thali my housemates cooked for my … Read more
roast veggies

Share a glimmer (a wee element of joy) from your day

#MonthOfMinistry Day 8 Coming home to a tasty dish of roast vegetables, cooked by my dear Jane!

What’s your relationship with ceremony and ritual?

#MonthOfMinistry Day 7 I love ceremony and ritual! I often feel at my most alive and connected in the sacred space of a ceremony. I love the structure of ceremony, and I love creating that special time and space, set aside from the mundane everyday parts of life, a space where some deep magic of … Read more
Chris at Loch Morlich

Where do you experience most peace?

#MonthOfMinistry Day 6 Outside, in the fragile beauty of our natural world: among trees, by water, in the mountains. This was at New Year, a quiet day by Loch Morlich.
wedding ceremony

What’s the difference between an Interfaith Minister and a celebrant?

#MonthOfMinistry Day 5 Great, an easier question today! Interfaith ministers do lots of other things besides conducting ceremonies for big life events like baby namings, weddings, funerals and so on. I’ve colleagues who work in hospices, lead shamanic retreats, offer spiritual counselling and support, run mediation groups and women’s circles, offer spiritual and emotional support … Read more
Isle of Muck sunset

Happiness is…

Day 4 of #MonthOfMinistry Isle of Muck sunset, 2014.
Julian of Norwich

Do you believe in God?

Day 3 of #MonthOfMinistry A big question. The short answer is “no”; a longer answer depends on (1) what do you mean by “God”? and (2) what do you mean by “believe”? Of course, this is a really big deal for many religious people, particularly many Christians and Muslims, for whom belief in God is … Read more
Glencoe wedding (photo: Bernadeta Kupiec, https://bernadetakupiec.co.uk

Head for the hills! A Scottish elopement wedding

It’s becoming very popular these days for couples to choose an “elopement” wedding, in one of the many picturesque, romantic and wild locations that Scotland abounds with. Nowadays, elopement doesn’t (necessarily) mean that you run away because your parents don’t approve of your marriage or your choice of partner. It’s just that you choose to … Read more