Head for the hills! A Scottish elopement wedding

Glencoe wedding (photo: Bernadeta Kupiec, https://bernadetakupiec.co.uk

It’s becoming very popular these days for couples to choose an “elopement” wedding, in one of the many picturesque, romantic and wild locations that Scotland abounds with. Nowadays, elopement doesn’t (necessarily) mean that you run away because your parents don’t approve of your marriage or your choice of partner. It’s just that you choose to … Read more

A DIY funeral for a peace activist

Brian's homemade coffin

Last summer I had a call from my friend Brian, to ask if I would help to plan his funeral. He had been living with cancer for several years, but now no more treatment was possible, and he was facing death with his typical courage and resilience. Brian and I had first met in November … Read more

A handfasting

Mr and Mrs Jones

I was approached by a couple last year who asked me to celebrate their marriage with a handfasting. They’d already been married the previous year in a tiny private ceremony, under lockdown restrictions which meant that they couldn’t invite many people. Now they wanted the chance to exchange their vows and celebrate with all their … Read more