Head for the hills! A Scottish elopement wedding

It’s becoming very popular these days for couples to choose an “elopement” wedding, in one of the many picturesque, romantic and wild locations that Scotland abounds with.

Nowadays, elopement doesn’t (necessarily) mean that you run away because your parents don’t approve of your marriage or your choice of partner. It’s just that you choose to have a very small, intimate ceremony – just the two of you and your celebrant. If this is to be a legal marriage, you also need two witnesses. Elisabeth and Dalton (whose handfasting marriage I conducted on a mountainside in Glencoe last year) had asked their photographer and videographer to be the witnesses. As well as signing the forms, they also produced some amazing and atmospheric images to celebrate the wedding!

(Watch the videos here: https://galleries.vidflow.co/c7dd2zf3)

This kind of micro-wedding can be a great alternative to the trend towards ever bigger and more complex (and more costly) ceremonies. In Scotland, you can legally have your wedding almost anywhere: on a hillside, a beach or in a forest.

You could include some traditional “Celtic” elements like a handfasting, or a shared drink from the quaich. I like to work with you to create a unique and personal ceremony that can include whatever elements are meaningful to you and your partner.

Bear in mind that the Scottish weather – while beautiful – can be challenging. (The famous Scottish midges might present another challenge.) The rain held off for us until just after the end of the ceremony… But then we got soaked on the 20-minute walk back to the cars. Fortunately, the bride was wearing her walking boots!

Glencoe wedding (photo: Bernadeta Kupiec, https://bernadetakupiec.co.uk

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