The Work that Reconnects

The challenging  and dangerous times that we are living in present a profound spiritual challenge and opportunity for transformation.

I am a facilitator for The Work that Reconnects and Active Hope, Joanna Macy’s powerful models for supporting and sustaining activists and others who are burnt out, losing hope and grieving for the world we live in. Working together in a group we support one another to move through four stages:

  • Coming from Gratitude
  • Honouring Our Grief for the World
  • Seeing with New Eyes
  • Going Forth

Hope sleeps in our bones like a bear
waiting for spring to rise and walk.

Marge Piercy, from ‘Stone, Paper, Knife’

I am part of a network of Work That Reconnects facilitators, and have run various courses and workshops including a Council of All Beings and other sessions at the COP26 Climate Fringe in Glasgow, and Active Hope Online course, and most recently a Sing for Earth Day event in 2022.

If you’d like to put on an Active Hope Course or a one-off session, please do get in touch.

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