What is an Interfaith Minister?

Day 2 of #MonthOfMinistry

I’m one of a group of people called “interfaith ministers” who have trained with the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation. We’re all very different, and our spiritual practice, and what we do that we call “ministry” covers a very wide range. What we have in common, I think, is a motivation to look for and nuture that which fosters connection at the deepest level – connect with other human beings, but also with the non-human world in all its aspects.

I think the word “interfaith” is maybe a little confusing. Personally, I don’t see it so much in terms of dialogue between the various faith paths or religious traditions (though whatever can be done to support trust and understanding in that area can only be helpful). Nor is it about trying to find commonalities between different faith paths.

For me, it’s more about drawing on what is best in all these traditions and working towards an expression of authentic spirituality that helps support us all (including those who feel alienated from traditional spiritual paths) in the direction of connectedness and compassion.

I think we as interfaith ministers are about helping all people (whether or not they identify with a conventional religion) connect with whatever in them makes the world a better place, touch in with their innate compassion, find and express the love that enables them to live the best lives they can in the world.

“We are on Earth to take care of life. We are on Earth to take care of each other.”

– Xiye Bastida

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