A handfasting

I was approached by a couple last year who asked me to celebrate their marriage with a handfasting. They’d already been married the previous year in a tiny private ceremony, under lockdown restrictions which meant that they couldn’t invite many people. Now they wanted the chance to exchange their vows and celebrate with all their families and friends.

Handfasting ceremony

A handfasting is a tradition (Scottish or Pagan) where the couple have their hands symbolically tied to show their love and committent to each other. There’s no fixed way in which this is done: this time the couple chose to have one hand bound, the other free to reach out to the world. You could use a special cord, or perhaps natural materials to tie the hands, but this bride chose a scarf given by her mother, to emphasise family and ancestral connections. I like to emphasise that the couple make a free choice to be bound in love!

Working with Chris as our wedding celebrant was an absolute joy and he made us feel at ease throughout the whole process. Together we curated a ceremony and vows that were completely unique and special to us, and we will cherish these memories forever.

– Mr & Mrs Jones

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